The Project

Art. No Borders. Plovdiv 1-30.09.2019

The power of money is… Interactive installation, two coins, electric motor, written text, 2019. Emil Mirazchiev

The maxim “Money makes the world go round” is not new, but it has not lost its topicality for a single moment. In spite of this, alongside the obsessive idea of uninterrupted economic growth, voices are increasingly heard proposing alternatives to the existing system: a basic income for everyone, or the redistribution of world capital, which is currently concentrated in the hands of 1% of the world’s population.

What would a change in the system mean, both for people in general and, more specifically, for people in the arts? Would everything still revolve around money? Emil Mirazchiev invites the visitors to complete the sentence, “The power of money is…” with their own thoughts and ideas on the question.

Emil Mirazchiev

born 1960, lives and works in Plovdiv / graphic, multimedia installations, art happenings, objects, photography, video art.

The event

The annual Week of Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, organized by Art Today Association, is one of the most significant events in the artistic life in Bulgaria.