The Project

Art. No Borders. Plovdiv 1-30.09.2019

Event horizon Sculpture. Stoyan Dechev

Stoyan Dechev explores the inherent ambiguities and metaphorical quality of clouds, their imagery repetition since antiquity and their correspondence to other natural phenomena. Drawing parallels with science and belief systems, the sculpture unveils the relationship between the visible and the immaterial around us, providing us with a chance to consider the limits of our knowledge and probe the origin of the myths’ existence. […]

The Big Data advent has empowered the metaphor of clouds to unfold toward even bigger ambits. New "clouds" of "information" consisting of digital data have become the memory or, one may say, the brain of today’s contemporary society. They host and connect seemingly our knowledge and lives in ephemeral, apparently boundless and perpetual spaces.

The lightning bolts have numerous connotations, from the thunder of the gods to neurons "firing" in a brain or possibly even some of tensions and dangers of today’s interconnected world, where technology has enabled us to wipe out our own existence in an "ultimate flash".
// Excerpt from the text by Lavínia Diniz Freitas

The artist

Stoyan Dechev was born in 1978, lives and works in Sofia / sculpture, installations, drawings.

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The event

The annual Week of Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, organized by Art Today Association, is one of the most significant events in the artistic life in Bulgaria.