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Art. No Borders. Plovdiv 1-30.09.2019

Communication and Coexistence Plexiglass, braille lettering, 2016/2019. Nia Pushkarova

The piece is a "game" between tactile and intellectual perception, between the literal and the metaphorical interpretation of the sentence: Through art, you change yourself and the world around you; it is the visible thread between the real and the tangible.
Comprehending through touching is linked to the fact that the text is written in the alphabet for the blind – braille. In this way, people with impaired vision read and get to know the world. On the other hand, metaphorically speaking, art is truly a “thread” that passes through the eyes and touches the emotions and consciousness, revealing some not so visible aspects of reality.

Nia Pushkarova

born 1971, lives and works in Sofia / photography, video art, installations, performance.

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The annual Week of Contemporary Art in Plovdiv, organized by Art Today Association, is one of the most significant events in the artistic life in Bulgaria.